Photo Garage: HPI RS4-3 SS nitro on-road with Porsche 911 Turbo Body

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Photo Garage
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Click on the photo above to see the full gallery of this car.

This HPI RS4-3 SS was first built in 2004. This was the second nitro RC car I had built, just when I started to really get into the hobby.

From the beginning of the build I wanted to experiment and see the extent to which I could modify and upgrade the RS4-3. I had already been running a HPI MT1 for about a year and wanted a dedicated on-road car that could perform better on-road than my MT1. At the time the choice of upgrades for this car was limited compared to what you can currently buy online. I upgraded the RS4-3 with the HPI upgrades that were available at that time.

I became obsessed about making the RS4-3 as realistic and refined as I could make it, so began my first attempts at fabricating custom head and tail lights. This was a few years before HPI started to release lexan bodies with moulded light buckets which would of made life easier. My design brief for the custom lights was that they had to be streamlined and have the aesthetics of being structurally part of the car even with the shell off. In addition the brake lights had to engage when the brakes were operated and also both the front and rear light assemblies had to be quickly removable.

Since 2004 this RS4-3 has not been upgraded much more except for transmission components, bearings, tires, and electronics. A great deal of time and effort went into building this RC, it is obvious that this RC model is not used for serious driving, it is used occasionally on smooth and wide open carparks. For aggressive driving another RS4-3 was built specifically for racing which is currently being rebuilt.


  • HPI Racing
  • RS4-3 nitro on-road
  • 1:10
  • Stock 3mm aluminium bottom chassis
  • Stock plastic upper chassis.
  • Stock plastic gearbox housings.
  • HPI carbon fibre front and rear shock uprights
  • HPI stainless steel hinge pins.
  • HPI titanium turnbuckles.
  • HPI aluminium steering uprights.
  • HPI aluminium front and rear wheel hubs.
  • Kyosho shim sets (multiple sizes)
  • Tamiya TRF fluorine coated dampers
  • LOSI 40wt silicone oil (front)
  • LOSI 45wt silicone oil (rear)
Wheels and Tires:
  • HPI Worx XSA wheels + HPI racing Yokohama Advan A086 26mm tires
  • HPI Split 6 wheels + HPI racing X-pattern radial 26mm tires
  • HPI Mesh style wheels + RIDE cs-26 slick tires 26mm
Wheel Accessories:
  • R2 Hobbies Aluminium ‘Brembo’ brake calipers and vented discs
  • 3Racing bearing spacers for brake calipers
  • Custom made aluminium mounting brackets for brake calipers.
  • 3Racing gold aluminium 4mm nylock nuts
  • GPM steel universal main shafts.
  • HPI / MIP front and rear CVDs (front + rear)
  • Boca ceramic bearings (whole car)
  • Kyosho shim sets (multiple sizes)
  • HPI heavy duty differential shafts (front + rear)
  • HPI heavy duty gearbox shafts (front + rear)
  • HPI (updated) 18SS bevel gears (front + rear)
  • Custom modified titanium-nitride differential pins / shafts
  • Innovative-RC aluminium differential cups (front + rear)
  • LOSI 8000wt silicone oil (front differential)
  • LOSI 5000wt silicone oil (rear differential)
  • GPM aluminium vented brake disc
  • Custom made composite fibre brake pads
Transmission (2 speed):
  • 43t + 47t stock plastic spur gears
  • 19t x12 / 23t x12 aluminium pinion gears
  • HPI lightweight steel clutch bell
  • HPI nitro racing clutch
  • Boca ceramic heavy duty clutch bearings
  • Kyosho shim sets (multiple sizes)
  • HPI stock Nitro Star 12R SS with pull start (ported)
  • Robinson Racing lightweight flywheel
  • MotorSavers 2-stage airfilter
  • Motor is run with 20% nitro.
Fuel System:
  • HPI racing fuel tank
  • Dynamite stone fuel filter
  • Venom Ultra-Silicone 5mm fuel tube
  • Modified aluminium tuned header
  • Aluminium tuned pipe (mid range)
Electronics (on-board):
  • Sanwa / Airtronics RX-461 2.4gHz receiver with failsafe
  • Hitec HS-525BB high speed steering servo
  • Hitec HS-475HB throttle servo
  • Venom speed meter + odometer + failsafe (2nd backup)
  • Venom VSM failsafe (3rd backup)
  • LRP Vtec LiFePo Rx battery – 2000mAh
Electronics (Custom):
  • Custom made micro PCB with switches to control auxiliary power for lights and 6v micro camera.
  • Custom made front L.E.D light assembly with integrated internal wiring (removable – plug+play)
  • Custom made rear L.E.D light assembly with integrated internal wiring + independent power supply (removable – plug+play)
  • Custom made micro switch to activate brake lights with throttle servo.
  • Sanwa / Airtronics M12 2.4gHz
  • HPI Porsche 911 Turbo (Type 996) – 200mm
  • Body painted with Tamiya Red then backed with Tamiya Bright Silver, then finally Tamiya Black polycarbonate paint (Spray cans). Tamiya Smoke used for window borders.
  • Body lines / door seams masked and sprayed on the inside shell before applying red.
  • Body reinforced with fiberglass tape.
  • Custom made aluminium grille (front, sides, rear)
  • Custom made side mirrors.

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