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Posted: March 5, 2015 in Online Stores

This is a compiled list of online stores which I personally purchase RC parts from. From experience I have found some terrible sites and some truly terrific sites. This article lists all the sites that I have personally found to have the best range, are reputable and honest as well as offer very good prices for both products and shipping.



Product Brands: Over 70 brands! including popular brands; 3Racing, Arrowmax, Axial, Boom Racing, CYS, EMAX, EXOTEK, Flysky, Futaba, Gmade, Goot, GPM, Himoto, Hobbywing, HPI, Killerbody, Kyosho, Leopard Hobby, Louise RC, LRP, Matrixline, MIP, Mugen, Mumeisha, O.S., Parma, Proline, RPM, Sanwa, Savox, Serpent, Sweep Racing, Tamiya, Team C, Xceed Yokomo.

AsiaTees sells a massive range of complete car kits and aftermarket parts from leading brands at very competitive prices. They are currently in the process of including multi-rotors to their product line. I often find rare or hard to find aftermarket parts from here. Their range and available product volumes is impressive and if they do not have stock of a particular item they have fast response for ordering items you require. Their customer service is very professional and is by far the best I have ever experienced and is one of the reasons why I often make purchases from this store. AsiaTees are very proactive with constantly improving their online store for customers with monthly discounts, updated newsfeeds and informative video reviews of their products. They have online chat support, respond to emails quickly and you can contact them directly by phone. They offer many shipping options which I have found to be the cheapest around in addition to free international shipping for purchases over US$75. Highly Recommended!



Product Brands: Popular and high quality brands including: AtasSphere, ADS, Armattan Morphite, Afro, BAH Nemesis, Blackout, CC3D, Cobra, DAL props, Diatone, Dinogy, Drone Matters, DYS, Eagle Eyes, Fatshark, FC props, Fixhawk, FlexyBee, FrSky, Futaba, Gemfan, HQprops, IBCrazy, ImmersionRC, KK, Lumenier, Mantis, Mobius, MinimOSD, Micro uBlox, MXP, Naze32, Orange Rx, Pixim, RMRC, RVOSD, SEETEC, Skyzone, Strider Flex, Sunnysky, Spider, TBS, Tiger Motor, Vector, XElitesDrones, ZMR,

Drone Matters specialises in multi-rotors, flight systems and FPV equipment and stock a large range of high quality airframe kits, componentry, electronic systems and accessories at very good prices. For my first quadcopter build I was able to purchase everything I needed and more to build a custom FPV Racer. The customer service I received was exceptional and responded to my many questions and emails promptly and in a professional manner. Drone Matters provided me with excellent advice and guidance with the configuration of the many complex systems required to build a FPV quad racer. Their website provides customers with a dedicated help desk which logs all your support enquiries for efficient response from their team of quad experts. I was amazed with the efficiency of their shipping and pleasantly surprised with their shipping costs. Delivery of your order is fast! From the moment my order was placed to receiving it at my door, took 3 days from Singapore to Australia! Highly Recommended!



Product Brands: Over 190 brands!, including popular brands; 3Racing, AKA, Align, Apex, Arrowmax, Axial, Castle Creations, Futaba, GPM, Hirobo, Hitec, HoBao, Hobbywing, HPI, Hyperion, Hudy, Intellect, JR, KO Propo, Kyosho, LRP, Matrixline, Motonica, Novak, Mugen, Novarossi, O.S., OFNA, Picco, Proline, Quark, Reedy, RIDE, Sanwa, Savox, Serpent, Tamiya, Team Associated, Team Losi, Team Orion, Traxxas, Xceed, Xray, Yokomo.

RC Mushroom sells an enormous range of rc parts for both cars and helicopters at very competitive prices. Their product range caters well to enthusiasts looking for parts or electronic components that other online stores do not stock. In particular they stock a large range of Sanwa and Futaba products such as transmitters, receivers, sensors, and related components and accessories which I have not been able to find anywhere else. Their price for Sanwa products and accessories are the cheapest I have found anywhere. Their customer service is very good and respond to emails professionally and in a timely manner. Can also be contacted directly by phone. Their website has recently been updated (2015) so I believe that they are still updating their product lines. They offer cheap to reasonable shipping options.



Product Brands: Over 200 brands!, including popular brands; 3Racing, ABC Hobby, AKA, Align, Arrowmax, Axial, CCHand, Crawler Innovations, Demi Works, Esky, EXOTEK, Futaba, Gear Head RC, GPM, Hirosaka Pro, Hobbygear, HPI, IMAX, Intellect, Jconcepts, Kawada, MIP, Much More, Novak, Overdose, Pandora RC, Reedy, RPM, Team Associated, Team C, Tekin, Telebee, Thunder Tiger, Taxxas, Vanquish, XMODS, Yeah Racing, Yokomo.

RC Mart is another online store that offers a huge range of RC parts and kits. Their product range caters very well to enthusiasts of scaler rigs and drifters and those looking for particular accessories to add detail to their rides. Their accessories range feature parts which I either have not found elsewhere or did not know even existed. They also have an impressive range of tires and varied and stylish rims for both on-road and off-road. I often find hard to find components here. Their customer service is good but could be improved in terms of email response times. Another issue I found was that occasionally there was a discrepancy in the number of items available for a particular part. This was easily rectified by confirming the item details with a quick phone call which was handled professionally. Although they do offer great prices on their products, my negative criticism is that their shipping costs are a little on the expensive side, when compared with the other stores in the Asian region.

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