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  • July 2017: Apologies to PROJECT RC Readers! Firstly I would like to thank all the sponsors, subscribers and readers of my blog for your support. I would like to apologise for the recent image outage in my articles. The image hosting site I have been using, ‘Photobucket’ has recently decided that they will no longer host images to websites, blogs, etc unless you pay a ridiculous fee of $500 – This is particularly infuriating since there was no notice given. Since Photobucket has resorted to extortion for their users I will no longer use their services forever. This means that I will have to move all my article images to another platform and embed new coding for all those images which is a real PITA and a lot of work. Anyway I am in the process of doing that so I kindly ask readers to understand the situation and please be patient. PROJECT RC article images will soon be operational again.

CURRENT PROJECT: Team Associated RC18T Modified Custom Build – March 2015

I have had a Team Associated RC18T since they first came out back in 2004 -2005 and absolutely love it. These battery powered models are 1/18 scale. Stock standard models come with simple brushed motors and offer relatively average performance however when upgraded and modified with various brushless systems available in the market these cars can reach well over 80km/h. Their simplicity in installed components and chassis design make it a very durable RC truck. They are relatively simple to build and maintain and are a refreshing change when compared to working on 1/10 or 1/8 scale RC models. (more…)