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Part 01 of this build articles series is a brief overview of the Atas Defiance 265 class FPV Racing Quadcopter. This particular type of RC is new to me and there are many complex systems that make up a complete FPV Racing Quadcopter. This airframe is just one of many elements. This is a learning process and an experiment to understand the full scope of this aerial platform.  (more…)

CURRENT PROJECT: Atas Defiance 265 class FPV Racing Quad – July 2015

For several months I have been researching an exciting segment of RC’s, FPV Racing Quadcopters. These ballistic aerial vehicles look like military tech. Can reach speeds of over 100km/h, designed to fly hard, fast and low to the ground in between obstacles, with the ability to immerse the operator with the visual sensation that they are actually in the craft all in a package that can fit in a shoebox.  Recently I purchased all the necessary components to build my first FPV Racing Quad. To those who aren’t familiar with what this RC is, here is a brief introduction. (more…)