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  • July 2017: Apologies to PROJECT RC Readers! Firstly I would like to thank all the sponsors, subscribers and readers of my blog for your support. I would like to apologise for the recent image outage in my articles. The image hosting site I have been using, ‘Photobucket’ has recently decided that they will no longer host images to websites, blogs, etc unless you pay a ridiculous fee of $500 – This is particularly infuriating since there was no notice given. Since Photobucket has resorted to extortion for their users I will no longer use their services forever. This means that I will have to move all my article images to another platform and embed new coding for all those images which is a real PITA and a lot of work. Anyway I am in the process of doing that so I kindly ask readers to understand the situation and be patient. PROJECT RC article images will soon be operational again.

This ‘How To’ article will describe the particular steps and components I use to build and shim an upgraded RC18T drivetrain using aftermarket and stock components. This drivetrain comprises of upgraded titanium ball differentials, a stock aluminium driveshaft, aftermarket ceramic bearings and stainless steel shims. This article will focus on the installation of the various sub assemblies and the shimming required to create a smooth running and efficient drivetrain. (more…)